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Wishful thinking

In lieu of the impending holidays, I’ve decided to put together a wishlist of sorts for my current longings and insatiable desires. On Friday, December 5 at 9:24 p.m., I wish that:

-Starbucks would set up a permanent coffee stand in the BB elevators, so that when I must endure the headache-inducing, patience-testing ride from the lobby to the 12th floor (while a mixed odor of rusty metal and late night campus food pervades my nostrils), I can at least have the warmth of a tall caramel macchiato in one hand and freedom to punch whichever sheepishly apologetic person gets off at the 2nd floor.

-Someone undyingly devoted to me and well-versed in Marxist literature would write my English paper while I provide them with snack breaks and endless entertainment (but not enough to distract them from completing my barely-started assignment).

-The university would build an underground transportation system, preferably designed like a full-feature steel roller coaster, complete with seat straps and the occasional loop-de-loop.

-I could avoid all awkward run-ins with “only friends on Facebook” friends and not be compelled to carry on a stilted, 3-minute conversation concerning the frigid weather conditions of upstate New York.

-There were more people like Jon Favreau in my life. 27-year-old head speechwriter to Obama means 1) Hot, 2) Eloquent, 3) VIP access to The Man. Swooning much? Yes, yes, I am.

-It was easier for me to convey my love and appreciation for close friends and family. I know I may seem aloof and indifferent at times (and I’m really trying to work on that!), but I care about you a lot more than you think.

-I could fly, be invisible, stop time, and read minds, all for various important reasons. And I guess if I’m wishing for impossible skills that I’ll never acquire, learning how to cook something other than ramen would be nice, too.

-Unfettered curiosity and passion would get you more in life than personal enlightenment and an assortment of useless information.

Sigh, a girl can dream.

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