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Barnes & Noble has FREE WI-FI NOW?! AND offers red velvet cupcakes at select locations?!? If it’s trying to become my new favorite place in the entire universe, it’s clearly working. The last time I came here often was in high school when it was the ultimate HOTSPOT for afterschool study sessions. Like, it was pretty much the only place where large groups of us could meet up and get dropped off without our parents disapproving. (Leave it to Asians to claim a quiet space filled with books as their main social grounds.) Many an unproductive evening was spent browsing the magazine rack and selecting about 5 to take up with me as a prelude to actual studying, snuggling up in one of those ridiculously comfortable sofas that would literally mold itself to accommodate my body, flipping through my glossy selections while chattering away with whomever was around me, and finally opening my backpack, grabbing a textbook and attempting to cram some information in my reluctant brain 30 minutes before store closing. Good times. I distinctly remember coming up the escalator one night to see half my Biology class sprawled out on the floor next to the bookshelves because all the other tables were occupied and doing last-minute studying for our exam the next day. So of course I flopped stomach-first on to the ground and joined them – if you’re gonna go down, might as well have fun doing it, amirite? (This life motto might need some modification later.)

I got the best sleep all summer last night because I had stayed up for approximately 48 hours before I hit the sack, definitely the longest I’ve been awake since school with its exhausting all-nighters ended in May. I was up until 6 a.m. sitting in my kitchen blasting my girly pop radio station on Pandora, eyeing (but successfully resisting!!!) the ice cream mix my dad bought and placed in my direct line of vision, and getting hand cramps from the 220 seating cards I was attempting to write my sister’s wedding guests’ names on in “calligraphy.” Which basically meant the first Google image of ‘calligraphy alphabet’ as my guide and an inky pen that took forever and a year to assemble. No joke, there is nothing quite so frustrating as directions that insist on using names that don’t make sense to you – like, “Place converter into nib section. Immerse whole nib. Pull plunger out slowly. Replace barrel.” Um.. WHAT?! (rage ensues) Why can’t they just say ‘Take the clear thingy that looks like a cross between a bike pump and a pogo stick and squeeze it into the pointy end until black stuff that looks like you might be able to scribble on a paper with drips out accordingly.’ See, isn’t that better? I should be a professional instructor. Payment in the form of frosted pastries, obvi.

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