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If this blog were a library, I’d owe $1000

Well, I’ve done it. I have single-handedly made a fool of myself in the vast blogosphere community and quite possibly to any potential employers who have stumbled on to this page’s sad sorry state.  Why, oh why did I think it was a brilliant idea to include this site’s URL on my resume? (And not even buried within lines and lines of exaggerated self-flattery mind you; I put it aaaall the way at the top. Right next to the slightly obnoxious font-size-200 letters of my name.) Adding on to the fact that I’ve liberally handed out said resume to a fairly large number of people, I don’t know which is worse – the fact that I haven’t actually updated this thing in 6 months, or that the last time I did update, I linked to a poll on a gossip (but informative! and sharp!) website about who’s the sexiest new member of our president’s administration. In my defense, this was clearly an issue that needed to be addressed. (And for the record, our undeniably good-looking Chief of Staff – and my top choice – did emerge victorious.)

I’m glad to say, I’ve changed since then. (I mean, I totally still crush on Barry O, but I’ve tried to tone down the objectification a little bit now that he’s, you know, the leader of the free world and all.) Or rather, not entirely changed, but I have at least accomplished some of my previously mentioned goals for the year. For starters, I landed my very own internship in the city! Anyone who’s had the misfortune of hearing me moan how badly “I waaaant oneee” last semester can affirm that this desire was almost on par with my demands of having Honey BBQ wings delivered to my dorm at 3 a.m. the night(s) I said I was going to run on the treadmill but got hungry reading food blogs instead. After months of agonizing wait since my interview, and a lot of all-nighters spent firing off emails to any internship listing I could find, I was offered a spot in the Conde Nast 2009 Summer Intern Program and am now placed in the editorial department at Brides Local Magazines. Fortuitous, considering my one and only sibling and recent addict of anything wedding-related is getting married in August (like I also mentioned in my last post!). Funny how these things work out, no?

It’s about 5 weeks in and I love my job and realize how awesome of an opportunity I’ve been given to participate in the actual production of a publication. No, it’s absolutely nothing like The Devil Wears Prada, nobody’s a size 0, and I don’t wear heels to work every day. Granted, I haven’t worn any form of pants for the past 3 weeks (and still going strong), but that’s more out of personal choice and refusal to tolerate zipper/button restraint on my lower half as I eat my way through Manhattan than enforced dress code. Anyway, I kind of enjoy being the lowest rung on the employee ladder and paying my dues – lucky for me, my editors want me to help out and contribute to the magazine and website and don’t have me running around fetching coffee or dry cleaning. (I did make a Starbucks run once, though I think I might have botched their usual orders and went a little cream-crazy because they haven’t sent me since.)
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Bright lights, long nights

First and foremost – happy new year! 2008 had its brief sparkling moments – new friends, awesome spring semester (alas, not because of good grades or anything else remotely rewarding), first internship, California, Cancun – but overall, there was much to improve on. This past fall was kind of a downer in terms of fizzled relationships and strained academics but an eye-opener that I desperately needed.  I realized just how much growing up I have left to do – my adaptability got frustrating to the point that I felt like I was waking up every day trying to be completely different from the morning before. My goals kept shifting, my motives were murky and I became obsessed with maintaining multiple versions of myself at a time, to better fit each situation and please every person. While I can’t necessarily say that this will come to a complete halt in the new year, I definitely have a singular idea of what kind of person (friend, student, daughter, etc.) I want to become and will stretch myself to stay devoted in reaching that.

This week has also affirmed that the city is the place for me, post-grad and God-willing! I still can’t navigate anywhere outside Times Square and have yet to understand the little shapes and colors that mark the subway system (as my friends who get my desperate phone calls of, “…Where am I!?!?!!” at all hours of the day can attest to), but being lost and confused and then stumbling into some underground haven is all part of the intoxicating city experience, I suppose. Last Tuesday I met up with my childhood friend Carol, also an avid foodie, and spent hours poring over review sites the night before to pick eateries whose patrons would get the honor of seeing us stuff our faces.

Three tier tray? We approve.

Three tier tray - we approve. @ Alice's Tea Cup

Reasons I love hanging out with Carol:

1) Her natural charisma.
2) Our easy, spirited conversation.
3) Her willingness to spend inordinate amounts of money on food with me even while she’s suffering through severe stomach pains.

Seriously, what a trooper. We went to a lively little Cuban restaurant in the Village where we were promptly seated and then given a tutorial by the adorable (and slightly buzzed) gay couple next to us on what to do with the mysterious sugarcane stick that came with our (sweet fruity delicious) mojitos. “Chew, don’t bite!” I obviously can’t follow directions properly considering I sat there for five minutes gnawing at my piece with my molars, spitting and slurping and looking all kinds of attractive, but to no avail. We bumbled about afterward with sangria-infused merriment and as we engaged in our weary rants of “What am I going to do with my liiiiiiife,” Carol said if all else fails, she’d open a bakery. Or plant some sugarcane fields. I mean, even in a recession people have to have their fluffy, fresh-baked goods and a little homegrown sugar to go along with it, right? It’s genius.

As for the new year, I love having fresh slates, or at least ones that I can continue writing on without too much guilty retrospect, and am genuinely excited for the new semester. Although I currently have a review, two columns, and a million applications and emails to write, it feels good to be busy again. Fun classes, spring break, hopefully-God-pretty-please an amazing summer internship, sister’s wedding, then vive la France! Bring it on 2009, let’s see what you got.

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Stuffing for my mind

Do you like my (transparent) attempt at a holiday-appropriate title? It took me a whole two minutes to think of! Trying to be creative is clearly not for the post-buffet, tryptophan-addled mind.

I kind of love being home. I don’t really know what about it is so pleasant but whenever I come back, it really seems like I never left and that’s always a nice, calming feeling that I don’t think I’ll tire of. The familiarity of my neighborhood, the three hefty meals and multiple in-between snacks that I can expect from my master chef of a grandma (even away from college, the weight gain’s relentless), the inside jokes and instinctive comfort I find in my high school friends, even the predictability of the perennial arguments I will always get into with my parents but know that we will disregard a few hours later due to our shared inability to stay angry past dinnertime.

The past few days have been pleasantly low-key; went into the city for an interview and had my first Chipotle burrito in all its south-of-the-border deliciousness, caught up with everyone at the annual high school football game (which yes, I came during the fourth quarter of), had an extended Lee family & Co. gathering at my house complete with an interesting fusion of Korean food and traditional Thanksgiving dishes, and went through a slew of failed Black Friday plans due to my aversion to finishing schoolwork, instead spending the day in front of my laptop with a fleece blanket wrapped around me and grabbing anything edible within arm’s reach, much to my sister’s protests.

Various comments to me from my sister throughout the day:

“I can’t believe you just ate that entire bag of shrimp crackers.”


“Did you seriously eat that whole thing?”

“Put. The Spoon. Down.”

“Two words, Hoyoon! Self control.”

And my personal favorite:

“Oooohhh, piggy piggy piggy.”

Jess and I have some grand plans for today to make up for the utter slothfulness that was Friday, so hopefully will have fun stories and a barrage of photos to share later. I realized I have 3 1/2 papers due when I get back, none of which have crossed my mind this break until about five minutes ago. Perhaps I should attempt to remedy this situation, maybe type a few introductory sentences or at least a heading before I go out for the night, but highly, highly doubt I will follow through with this momentary contemplation.

Indeed, the thought has passed. Heading downstairs with the cousin to watch Science of Sleep and feast on Thanksgiving leftovers. We are truly unstoppable.

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