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Cabinet candy

Click away! —> Obama hotties.

After my fleeting interest in frat boy Jonny, Rahm’s starting to climb up my political lust list – he’s got that whole deep, dark, distinguished thing down pat. (And why yes, we ARE on first-name-speed-dial-meet-for-brunch basis actually.) Aw, and there’s the token Asian guy! Spotted: nose buried in book, eyes averted from camera. Time to show Bashful some love, ladies.

Sometime in the future, I’ll actually post a halfway intelligible entry about Obama and stop treating him like a piece of meat, I swear. Until then, let the Capitol Hill-crushing continue! Heh heh.

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Bright lights, long nights

First and foremost – happy new year! 2008 had its brief sparkling moments – new friends, awesome spring semester (alas, not because of good grades or anything else remotely rewarding), first internship, California, Cancun – but overall, there was much to improve on. This past fall was kind of a downer in terms of fizzled relationships and strained academics but an eye-opener that I desperately needed.  I realized just how much growing up I have left to do – my adaptability got frustrating to the point that I felt like I was waking up every day trying to be completely different from the morning before. My goals kept shifting, my motives were murky and I became obsessed with maintaining multiple versions of myself at a time, to better fit each situation and please every person. While I can’t necessarily say that this will come to a complete halt in the new year, I definitely have a singular idea of what kind of person (friend, student, daughter, etc.) I want to become and will stretch myself to stay devoted in reaching that.

This week has also affirmed that the city is the place for me, post-grad and God-willing! I still can’t navigate anywhere outside Times Square and have yet to understand the little shapes and colors that mark the subway system (as my friends who get my desperate phone calls of, “…Where am I!?!?!!” at all hours of the day can attest to), but being lost and confused and then stumbling into some underground haven is all part of the intoxicating city experience, I suppose. Last Tuesday I met up with my childhood friend Carol, also an avid foodie, and spent hours poring over review sites the night before to pick eateries whose patrons would get the honor of seeing us stuff our faces.

Three tier tray? We approve.

Three tier tray - we approve. @ Alice's Tea Cup

Reasons I love hanging out with Carol:

1) Her natural charisma.
2) Our easy, spirited conversation.
3) Her willingness to spend inordinate amounts of money on food with me even while she’s suffering through severe stomach pains.

Seriously, what a trooper. We went to a lively little Cuban restaurant in the Village where we were promptly seated and then given a tutorial by the adorable (and slightly buzzed) gay couple next to us on what to do with the mysterious sugarcane stick that came with our (sweet fruity delicious) mojitos. “Chew, don’t bite!” I obviously can’t follow directions properly considering I sat there for five minutes gnawing at my piece with my molars, spitting and slurping and looking all kinds of attractive, but to no avail. We bumbled about afterward with sangria-infused merriment and as we engaged in our weary rants of “What am I going to do with my liiiiiiife,” Carol said if all else fails, she’d open a bakery. Or plant some sugarcane fields. I mean, even in a recession people have to have their fluffy, fresh-baked goods and a little homegrown sugar to go along with it, right? It’s genius.

As for the new year, I love having fresh slates, or at least ones that I can continue writing on without too much guilty retrospect, and am genuinely excited for the new semester. Although I currently have a review, two columns, and a million applications and emails to write, it feels good to be busy again. Fun classes, spring break, hopefully-God-pretty-please an amazing summer internship, sister’s wedding, then vive la France! Bring it on 2009, let’s see what you got.

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My debit card transaction history during finals week:

12/11/2008 MC-CAMPUSFOOD COM 2126163070 -$37.00 Send a secured message to WaMu about this transaction
12/11/2008 MC-APL*ITUNES 866-712-7753 -$3.18 Send a secured message to WaMu about this transaction
12/10/2008 MC-DOMINICKS RESTAURANT SYRACUSE -$30.00 Send a secured message to WaMu about this transaction
12/10/2008 MC-CAMPUSFOOD COM 2126163070 -$15.00 Send a secured message to WaMu about this transaction
12/9/2008 MC-UNIQUE TEA CAFE SYRACUSE -$10.21 Send a secured message to WaMu about this transaction
12/8/2008 MC-JIMMY JOHN S #999 QPS SYRACUSE -$5.62 Send a secured message to WaMu about this transaction
12/8/2008 MC-STARBUCKS USA 00075Q48 SYRACUSE -$6.00 Send a secured message to WaMu about this transaction

Ah, my eyes! Make it go awayyyy.

The steadily increasing cost of food-related purchases is not looking so good for my thinning wallet/expanding waistline combination. And sadly yes, due to my school’s strict policy against music-pirating which I am too technologically disabled to get around, I’m left with no choice but to buy songs off iTunes. THE HORROR. I’m a huge fan of beating the system if it results in me getting things for free, so this is kind of a big deal. Perhaps I am growing up? (Maybe, but only for about 8 months out of the year – the other 4 at home are spent frantically downloading every song I’ve heard since middle school  and overloading my iPod with all my glorious smuggled music.)

On that melodic note, I’d just like to mention that I am officially in the holiday spirit so…Christmas songs galore! And by galore, I mean on repeat for at least 10 hours a day. This one never fails to put a big stupid grin on my face:

Aww, how can you NOT giggle at Justin’s bleached curls and 90’s dance moves made up of excessive hand-clapping and awkward upper body motion? (I’m especially loving the multiracial babies about halfway through. As most people know – maybe I should stop making this information so public – little black boys are my weakness. If they’re also rockin’ the fro like this adorable one, I squeal outwardly and melt inside.)

Anyway, I digress, which I often do when I’m looking for any excuse not to finish my papers, which is basically what this blog entry was for, so back to it. Enjoy the boy band-crooning in the meantime because next up on the playlist is Britney. (Since I seem to use parenthetical asides primarily for shameful confessions, I’ll admit it. I teared watching her MTV documentary.) But can’t fight it – the pop royalty is back and looking GOOD. Seriously, can I look like that after two consecutive pregnancies, please? I assume it’s nothing that a little exercise and craving control can’t solve. Hmm. And therein lies the problem. Anybody up for some hardcore gym action…after the 25th? (Let’s be real now, no one skips Christmas dinner.)

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Wishful thinking

In lieu of the impending holidays, I’ve decided to put together a wishlist of sorts for my current longings and insatiable desires. On Friday, December 5 at 9:24 p.m., I wish that:

-Starbucks would set up a permanent coffee stand in the BB elevators, so that when I must endure the headache-inducing, patience-testing ride from the lobby to the 12th floor (while a mixed odor of rusty metal and late night campus food pervades my nostrils), I can at least have the warmth of a tall caramel macchiato in one hand and freedom to punch whichever sheepishly apologetic person gets off at the 2nd floor.

-Someone undyingly devoted to me and well-versed in Marxist literature would write my English paper while I provide them with snack breaks and endless entertainment (but not enough to distract them from completing my barely-started assignment).

-The university would build an underground transportation system, preferably designed like a full-feature steel roller coaster, complete with seat straps and the occasional loop-de-loop.

-I could avoid all awkward run-ins with “only friends on Facebook” friends and not be compelled to carry on a stilted, 3-minute conversation concerning the frigid weather conditions of upstate New York.

-There were more people like Jon Favreau in my life. 27-year-old head speechwriter to Obama means 1) Hot, 2) Eloquent, 3) VIP access to The Man. Swooning much? Yes, yes, I am.

-It was easier for me to convey my love and appreciation for close friends and family. I know I may seem aloof and indifferent at times (and I’m really trying to work on that!), but I care about you a lot more than you think.

-I could fly, be invisible, stop time, and read minds, all for various important reasons. And I guess if I’m wishing for impossible skills that I’ll never acquire, learning how to cook something other than ramen would be nice, too.

-Unfettered curiosity and passion would get you more in life than personal enlightenment and an assortment of useless information.

Sigh, a girl can dream.

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Stuffing for my mind

Do you like my (transparent) attempt at a holiday-appropriate title? It took me a whole two minutes to think of! Trying to be creative is clearly not for the post-buffet, tryptophan-addled mind.

I kind of love being home. I don’t really know what about it is so pleasant but whenever I come back, it really seems like I never left and that’s always a nice, calming feeling that I don’t think I’ll tire of. The familiarity of my neighborhood, the three hefty meals and multiple in-between snacks that I can expect from my master chef of a grandma (even away from college, the weight gain’s relentless), the inside jokes and instinctive comfort I find in my high school friends, even the predictability of the perennial arguments I will always get into with my parents but know that we will disregard a few hours later due to our shared inability to stay angry past dinnertime.

The past few days have been pleasantly low-key; went into the city for an interview and had my first Chipotle burrito in all its south-of-the-border deliciousness, caught up with everyone at the annual high school football game (which yes, I came during the fourth quarter of), had an extended Lee family & Co. gathering at my house complete with an interesting fusion of Korean food and traditional Thanksgiving dishes, and went through a slew of failed Black Friday plans due to my aversion to finishing schoolwork, instead spending the day in front of my laptop with a fleece blanket wrapped around me and grabbing anything edible within arm’s reach, much to my sister’s protests.

Various comments to me from my sister throughout the day:

“I can’t believe you just ate that entire bag of shrimp crackers.”


“Did you seriously eat that whole thing?”

“Put. The Spoon. Down.”

“Two words, Hoyoon! Self control.”

And my personal favorite:

“Oooohhh, piggy piggy piggy.”

Jess and I have some grand plans for today to make up for the utter slothfulness that was Friday, so hopefully will have fun stories and a barrage of photos to share later. I realized I have 3 1/2 papers due when I get back, none of which have crossed my mind this break until about five minutes ago. Perhaps I should attempt to remedy this situation, maybe type a few introductory sentences or at least a heading before I go out for the night, but highly, highly doubt I will follow through with this momentary contemplation.

Indeed, the thought has passed. Heading downstairs with the cousin to watch Science of Sleep and feast on Thanksgiving leftovers. We are truly unstoppable.

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It’s goin downnnnnnn in Missouri tonight. Palin, you’re in for a fun time.  Just keep being your question-evading, stock-quote-repeating, experience-lacking, feminism-stifling, ridiculous-comments-about-Russia-regulation-spewing self and you’ve got this in the barrel (of your AK-47).  In the precise words of a fellow Gawker poster, “Stupidity is accidental. Ignorance is willful.” And you, bewildered friend, have supersize heapings of both.

Tina Fey’s impression is brilliant, yes, but it still doesn’t beat the sad hilarity of the original.

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Spirited away

Do you ever feel like you’re having an out-of-body experience? Like, you can literally imagine your essence, your soul, or whatever’s caged inside your body rising past your brain, through your hair follicles, above your head and straight up into the sky? It’s not necessarily triggered by a distinctive situation, but I think it happens to me more so when I’m feeling very… neutral. No extreme emotions, no intense physical strain, no notable provocation. I feel like my body’s just a mouthpiece that can function on its own with occasional, reflexive commands while my mind wanders and floats and observes my grounded presence with bemusement. Sometimes the words I say and the actions I perform seem entirely out of character for me during these spells, but not peculiar enough to be discernible to others. It’s almost like having a hazy, mini-identity crisis but one that you know you just have to wait out and endure in order for normalcy and solid embodiment to be restored.

I understand that this mumbojumbo makes no sense except in my own self-judging bubble but that’s what this space is for so pfffttt. I’m in a weird mood these days.

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Beginning again

Three blogs, and counting. I hardly ever update any of them so I don’t know what makes me believe I’ll regularly write in this one butttt I’ve always been prone to wishful thinking so I’ll go with it. Blogging is supposed to be like new-age therapy nowadays anyway and God knows I need some sort of outlet for the painful delusions I suffer from. Thus, WordPress has won my imaginary battle between it and the stern yet weirdly comforting old man who will sit me on his plush leather couch and listen to me rant and rave about all sorts of nonsense while only briefly, and discreetly, checking his watch to see if my word vomit could at least be charged to overtime. I’ve always wondered how people would react if I or one of my friends started seeing a shrink…would they think we had dark, troubled youths which inevitably led to us becoming full-fledged sociopaths, or think we were attempting to be trendy self-correction-seeking wild childs (sacrificing grammar for prosaic rhyme, always excusable) a la Lindsay and Nicole? Probably somewhere in the middle, more towards the latter. Shudder.

Even though this whole WordPress/Blogspot blogging format is new to me, I’ll try my best to not cater to Reader Town, population: 2 (hi Kathy and Grace) and just use this as an online diary, no holds barred, to record whatever thoughts and attempted insights happen to frolic through the very narrow landscape of my mind. Starting… later. No profound musings at the moment, unfortunately.

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