Hi there, I’m Sarah.

I’m a frequent abuser of the parentheses, caps lock, and exclamation point when I blog. I like to think that this is just how I express my EXCITEMENT FOR LIFE!!!! (and its respective afterthoughts). But I think it more likely indicates that I have yet to outgrow my overzealous middle-school AIM speak (and college-honed snark).

I mispronounced the words oregano, mild, niche, and Albuquerque for a shamefully long time until sympathetic folks felt the need to break it to me gently. Due to this trauma, I’ve turned to exclusively writing them instead.

Clear enunciations of any other troublesome vocabulary recorded in the style of Dictionary.com can be sent to xsarahh [at] gmail [dot] com. Corresponding tales of SO-CALLED-FRIENDS’ mockery while you were attempting to innocently use said words in conversation are also welcome.

Last but not least, yup – that’s an onion! And if you must know, it was (fried? fatty?) pretty freakin’ awesome.


One thought on “About

  1. sjuhye says:

    hehehoho tickles my fancy?

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