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The upside of hurricanes

So unless you live several feet beneath the earth under a teetering pile of heavy rocks (to which I say, I’m sorry and you better GET THE HECK OUT OF THERE!) or haven’t encountered any form of media or other human beings in the past 48 hours, here is your delayed newsflash (although if you’re reading this blog over checking the news or looking outside your window, you need to reset your priorities): there was a hurricane this weekend. You’re welcome.

Not only was there a hurricane, but it was apparently supposed to bring the apocalypse along with it. Fun!!! Or at least that’s what you’d think from all the coverage this Irene character had been getting. I’ll be settling down with a good book to read by candlelight once this hullabaloo has passed.. IF I LIVE.

My parents were supposed to get on a flight to Korea last night, but it got delayed until Wednesday. My dad’s taking his sabbatical for 10 months over there, doing research with companies, teaching at the university, and generally embracing his full-fledged nerdiness. My mom is going for a couple of weeks to help him move in and make sure that his apartment is stocked with more than just ramen packets and peanut butter (left to his own defenses, my dad would have the eating standards of a college frat boy).

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