Cabinet candy

Click away! —> Obama hotties.

After my fleeting interest in frat boy Jonny, Rahm’s starting to climb up my political lust list – he’s got that whole deep, dark, distinguished thing down pat. (And why yes, we ARE on first-name-speed-dial-meet-for-brunch basis actually.) Aw, and there’s the token Asian guy! Spotted: nose buried in book, eyes averted from camera. Time to show Bashful some love, ladies.

Sometime in the future, I’ll actually post a halfway intelligible entry about Obama and stop treating him like a piece of meat, I swear. Until then, let the Capitol Hill-crushing continue! Heh heh.

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7 thoughts on “Cabinet candy

  1. jaywykay says:

    youre a loser

  2. Sarah says:

    i know, but where else can i fully exhibit the extent of my geeky obsessions besides my blog? don’t be jealous

  3. christal says:

    hahah sarah. oh my…

  4. Elizabeth says:

    you tricked me into thinking you used blogspot by commenting me with it. but i found you on wordpress!! 🙂

  5. fskang says:

    saraaah! yay i didn’t know you were on wordpressss
    i use my blog more as a stress reliever and my “vent session” confidante..
    so i’m actually really embarrassed you read my creepster entry! hahahaha
    but its okay since we’re slackersisters4lyf HAHAHAHA see u on wednesday! lol

  6. Grace says:

    can you puhhhhhhleeeeeeaze update? 😦

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