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Stuffing for my mind

Do you like my (transparent) attempt at a holiday-appropriate title? It took me a whole two minutes to think of! Trying to be creative is clearly not for the post-buffet, tryptophan-addled mind.

I kind of love being home. I don’t really know what about it is so pleasant but whenever I come back, it really seems like I never left and that’s always a nice, calming feeling that I don’t think I’ll tire of. The familiarity of my neighborhood, the three hefty meals and multiple in-between snacks that I can expect from my master chef of a grandma (even away from college, the weight gain’s relentless), the inside jokes and instinctive comfort I find in my high school friends, even the predictability of the perennial arguments I will always get into with my parents but know that we will disregard a few hours later due to our shared inability to stay angry past dinnertime.

The past few days have been pleasantly low-key; went into the city for an interview and had my first Chipotle burrito in all its south-of-the-border deliciousness, caught up with everyone at the annual high school football game (which yes, I came during the fourth quarter of), had an extended Lee family & Co. gathering at my house complete with an interesting fusion of Korean food and traditional Thanksgiving dishes, and went through a slew of failed Black Friday plans due to my aversion to finishing schoolwork, instead spending the day in front of my laptop with a fleece blanket wrapped around me and grabbing anything edible within arm’s reach, much to my sister’s protests.

Various comments to me from my sister throughout the day:

“I can’t believe you just ate that entire bag of shrimp crackers.”


“Did you seriously eat that whole thing?”

“Put. The Spoon. Down.”

“Two words, Hoyoon! Self control.”

And my personal favorite:

“Oooohhh, piggy piggy piggy.”

Jess and I have some grand plans for today to make up for the utter slothfulness that was Friday, so hopefully will have fun stories and a barrage of photos to share later. I realized I have 3 1/2 papers due when I get back, none of which have crossed my mind this break until about five minutes ago. Perhaps I should attempt to remedy this situation, maybe type a few introductory sentences or at least a heading before I go out for the night, but highly, highly doubt I will follow through with this momentary contemplation.

Indeed, the thought has passed. Heading downstairs with the cousin to watch Science of Sleep and feast on Thanksgiving leftovers. We are truly unstoppable.

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Theater 2.0

(Note: This is a pending, unedited post for my JERK movie blog.)

Cigarettes are expensive, video games are draining, and porn is – to put it mildly – rather distasteful. But, I will confess that I am helplessly, irreversibly addicted to one thing: the Internet. The source of all my academic woes, the great World Wide Web has been responsible for many a delayed homework assignments, luring me through my laptop screen’s unfailing incandescence (damn the long battery life!) and refusing to release until my contacts had sufficiently dried out from watching YouTube clips that range from movie scene montages to captured moments of homemade hilarity. (My ongoing obsession is cute baby videos. I’d like to think it’s premature maternity kicking in, but others just tell me I’m borderline creepy.)

I am most definitely not alone in this productivity-hindering endeavor – according to Nielsen, viewer ratings for YouTube averaged a whopping 81 million in September alone. Multiple features, such as the “related videos” sidebar, cater to your interests and abet your search for the freaky/sad (ie: snake baby) to the downright adorable (PANDA SNEEZE!…I need a new hobby). But what is it about this rapidly growing social media tool that makes it so incredibly addictive?

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