Monthly Archives: September 2008

Spirited away

Do you ever feel like you’re having an out-of-body experience? Like, you can literally imagine your essence, your soul, or whatever’s caged inside your body rising past your brain, through your hair follicles, above your head and straight up into the sky? It’s not necessarily triggered by a distinctive situation, but I think it happens to me more so when I’m feeling very… neutral. No extreme emotions, no intense physical strain, no notable provocation. I feel like my body’s just a mouthpiece that can function on its own with occasional, reflexive commands while my mind wanders and floats and observes my grounded presence with bemusement. Sometimes the words I say and the actions I perform seem entirely out of character for me during these spells, but not peculiar enough to be discernible to others. It’s almost like having a hazy, mini-identity crisis but one that you know you just have to wait out and endure in order for normalcy and solid embodiment to be restored.

I understand that this mumbojumbo makes no sense except in my own self-judging bubble but that’s what this space is for so pfffttt. I’m in a weird mood these days.

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