Monthly Archives: July 2008

Beginning again

Three blogs, and counting. I hardly ever update any of them so I don’t know what makes me believe I’ll regularly write in this one butttt I’ve always been prone to wishful thinking so I’ll go with it. Blogging is supposed to be like new-age therapy nowadays anyway and God knows I need some sort of outlet for the painful delusions I suffer from. Thus, WordPress has won my imaginary battle between it and the stern yet weirdly comforting old man who will sit me on his plush leather couch and listen to me rant and rave about all sorts of nonsense while only briefly, and discreetly, checking his watch to see if my word vomit could at least be charged to overtime. I’ve always wondered how people would react if I or one of my friends started seeing a shrink…would they think we had dark, troubled youths which inevitably led to us becoming full-fledged sociopaths, or think we were attempting to be trendy self-correction-seeking wild childs (sacrificing grammar for prosaic rhyme, always excusable) a la Lindsay and Nicole? Probably somewhere in the middle, more towards the latter. Shudder.

Even though this whole WordPress/Blogspot blogging format is new to me, I’ll try my best to not cater to Reader Town, population: 2 (hi Kathy and Grace) and just use this as an online diary, no holds barred, to record whatever thoughts and attempted insights happen to frolic through the very narrow landscape of my mind. Starting… later. No profound musings at the moment, unfortunately.

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